WhatsApp Web App: Use & Free Download

WhatsApp Web App

WhatsApp web app is a considerable communication tool. It allows you to send easily messages and free for files or any other documents.

But in some cases it’s easier to type your messages on a keyboard, therefore WhatsApp web comes in. The simple and easy way how to use the WhatsApp Web app.

WhatsApp Web App

In this way, you want the comfort of use of a desktop app.  

WhatsApp is the direct messaging app of high-quality for several smartphone users. WhatsApp Web is an extra attractive solution for making sure you can read and reply to messages using any device.

It’s totally free to use and needs only a simple step for setup. After that, you stay logged in just before leave you actively log out.

How to Use WhatsApp Web App

WhatsApp web use on desktop or tablet:

First of all, open to Whatsapp Web  address on the device which you need to access WhatsApp and then you can access a large QR code display. This code in the form of squares that is consists of the black-and-white patterns.

WhatsApp Web App

After that load up WhatsApp on your smartphone then click the ‘menu’ button, which is the three dots icon on the top left of the screen. 

WhatsApp Web App

Here is the WhatsApp Web option, select it.

WhatsApp Web App

Press the white + icon in the top right corner to present your smartphone camera. You possibly will need to provide WhatsApp permission to do. So, if you haven’t already used it.

In the camera up line the box that connects with the QR code on your device screen. Point the phone camera and connect both with another.  When it works, your handset camera will close automatically. And your handset WhatsApp will open on your device.

It will persist active up to you until you log out either on your device or on your handset.

Note: If it works not properly. Try to refresh your device page and try to do it again.

Set up WhatsApp Web on Device

You can succeed this on your handset by returning to the WhatsApp Web menu and then select Log out from all devices. Tapping the three dots sign at the top of the conversation drift, then select Log out.  

The requirement to this is that the whole thing your messages are transmitted through your handset. Your handset requires being on and linked to the web for this aspect to work. You won’t be capable to carry on a conversation if your handset runs out of battery. WhatsApp also perimeters the number of devices you can be logged into.

Download WhatsApp Web App

If you want to use the WhatsApp web app then first it downloads on your smartphone and simply opens and downloads it.

You can download free for windows the WhatsApp web app. 


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