Top Pakistani YouTubers: Most Subscribers 2019

Top Pakistani YouTubers 2019

Top Pakistani YouTubers: Most Subscribers 2019

The list of top best Pakistani Youtubers 2019, those have entertained us with their wonderful content. In this list, detail about individual content creators. They contain different content categories for entertaining us from Pakistan.

Top Pakistani Youtubers 2019

  1. Nadir Ali – P 4 Pakao
  2. Kitchen with Amna
  3. Zaryab Khan – XeeTechCare
  4. Muhammad Amer – Rahim Pardesi
  5. Shahmeer Abbas Prankster
  6. Saad ur Rehman – Ducky Bhai
  7. Asad Ali TV
  8. Mubashir Saddiqui – Village Food Secrets
  9. Raza Samo – Khujlee Family
  10. Asim Ali Khokar – How to Urdu

Nadir Ali – P 4 Pakao

Nadir Ali is the biggest star on YouTube in Pakistan. He is Karachi based. And start his journey on YouTube in 2016. He starts as a comedian and Prankster, therefore, great popularity received from Pakistan as well as from India also.

It has the largest self-determining channel from Pakistan in 2018 to now. He runs Pakistan’s biggest YouTube channel P 4 Pakao. It is the first Independent YouTube channel that has crossed 2 Million+ subscribers. Therefore include in top Pakistani YouTubers 2019. Prominent Indian Bollywood stars also appreciate his style and talent in comedy.

Kitchen with Amna

Amna became the first female successful YouTuber star. After observing that her content creator from Pakistan to cross 1 Million+ subscribers. Kitchen with Amna is a cooking channel and provides different recipes with the best tips. That’s why Amna has become the top 10 Pakistani YouTubers 2019 because she works hard and deserves it.

Top Pakistani YouTubers

Zaryab Khan – XeeTechCare

22 years old Zaryab Khan has become the most well-known Pakistani YouTuber. He works “Mobile and Technology Review” XeeTechCare channels in the world. Zaryab Khan is a Lahore based Tech reviewer. His channel is a faithful place to check out tech or mobile reviews. He uploaded over 3,835 videos that creating his spot with 1 million subscribers this year. Therefore, his name is entered in the list of best and top Youtubers from Pakistan.

Muhammad Amer – Rahim Pardesi

Muhammad Amer is the real name of Rahim. But he is famous due to his name which uses in video Rahim Pardesi. He is a young Scottish Asian man who owns a popular production company in Glasgow. Amer selects to get his videos recorded in old-style with Punjabi languages. He also adds the beauty of Urdu and English in the best way in some of his videos. Therefore, his name is entered in the list of top YouTubers.

The name of his male character is Khalid. And Nasreen his female character that he performed. Rahim’s YouTube channel has 2 Million+ subscribers. He received the YouTube Golden button award by the social media platform.

Top Pakistani YouTubers

Shahmeer Abbas Prankster

Shahmeer Shah is the fastest growing and well-known YouTuber from Pakistan. He is a local superstar that winning the internet with his dance moves. But his prank videos and funny content make him top Youtubers. A thousand followers on Facebook and Instagram follow the extent of 1 million milestones in no time. Therefore, he becomes the top Youtubers in Pakistan.

Saad ur Rehman – Ducky Bhai

Ducky Bhai originally names as Saad ur Rehman. He is doing his bachelor’s in Computer science from Comsat Lahore.  But he has graduated from the YouTube Academy as one of the prominent YouTubers from Pakistan.  

He is the best roasting star and best roasting YouTube channel. He got 1 Million+ subscribers in 2019. Ducky Bhai is also a famous roasting star in India.

Asad Ali TV

Asad Ali TV is another tech reviewer from Pakistan. He shares new YouTube videos almost every day. He posts tech reviews, tips, and tricks in his video.  Asad Ali’s main advantage is that he posts videos in plain and simple Urdu. His videos attract local viewers and also from across the border. Asad Ali is from Faisalabad, Pakistan. And he has been deliberated as a local social media accomplishment story.

Mubashir Saddiqui – Village Food Secrets

Mubashir Siddique work as a production manager in a company of Football manufacturing. He is 33-year-old from a small village of Shahpur, in the Sialkot district of Punjab Pakistan. Mubashir starts his channel Village Food Secrets. He shares food recipes from the village. People all over the globe loved it. He is one of the top YouTubers in Pakistan. Due to his fan following.

Top Pakistani YouTubers

Raza Samo – Khujlee Family

Raza Samo born in Larkana and get his primary education from there. Now Raza joined Institution of Space Technology. Raza is a multi-talented entertainer at this time located in Lahore. He has also started a personal vlogging channel alongside the central Khujlee Family channel. Therefore, he includes top Pakistani Youtubers.

Amazing voices changed the width of standup comedy in the sub-continent. Khujlee Family is an awesome entertainment channel. Channel is created on their own ideas and views. They help the audience and attend with informative, entertaining, and funny content.

Top Pakistani YouTubers

Asim Ali Khokar – How to Urdu

Asim Ali Khokar is a farmer. He belongs from a small village of Bahawal Nagar, Punjab. He has taken place his YouTube channel name is How To Urdu. This channel offers us very valuable information along with tips and tricks. His information is related to technology in plain Urdu. He explains his topic & complex things in a very simple way for the audience. Therefore they can easily understand it. Therefore he becomes popular and accesses most subscribers on YouTube.

Tech Beginer tries to provide data about Top Pakistani YouTubers.


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