Top Pakistani Dramas

Top Pakistani Dramas

Top Pakistani Dramas of 2019 Rating:

Pakistani dramas are very entertaining and also have a deep moral in life. The Rating and Reviews of your favorite Pakistani dramas you can see. These dramas have interesting stories and wonderful performances of actors.

All the Pakistani dramas usually relate to our social circle therefore, peoples like a lot. Actually, these stories create for us so that we may take admonition in our life.  Here we discuss the top Pakistani dramas of 2019.

Because it put away a lot of popularity and gratefulness of the viewers.

  • Ehd-e-Wafa

  • Mere Paas Tum Ho

  • Dil Mom Ka Diya

  • Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

  • Do Bol

  • Inkaar

  • Cheekh

  • Anaa

  • Suno Chanda 2


Writer: Mustafa Afridi

Director: Saife Hassan

Producer: Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) and Momina Duraid

Production: MD Productions, ISPR

Original Network: Hum TV, PTV Home

Original Release Date: 22 September 2019

No. of Episodes: ….

Rating: 5 Stars

Lead Role: Ahad Raza Mir as Saad, Osman Khalid Butt as Shahzain, Ahmed Ali Akbar as Shehryar, Wahaj Ali as Shariq , Alizeh Shah as Duaa and Zara Noor Abbas as Rani.

Other Cast: Hajra Yamin as News Anchor, Vaneeza Ahmed as Saad’s mother, Komal Sajid as Rameen, Syed Muhammad Ahmed as Malik Allahyaar, Faraz Yahya, Agha Muhammad Ali, Anjum Habibi

Story of Ehd-e-Wafa

Ehd-e-Wafa is a 2019 Pakistani youth-based TV show. It is a base military TV show which turns around four school friends. They have different hopes, goals, and ambitions. Therefore, the show get a high rate for their friendship track.

Top Pakistani Dramas

In this serial different track that shows how their lives change over time. They watch many hardships, challenges, and disloyalty in their friendship. It had quite a few social and powerful messages for viewers. Therefore, it has much popularity. 

 Ehd-e-Wafa had some emotional scenes. It also showed the mature and practical side of the main characters. Primary rules make perfect sense. Because such scenes showed exactly how essential character construct during the primary training. Therefore, it includes top Pakistani Dramas. 

Mere Paas Tum Ho

Writer: Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar

Director: Nadeem Baig

Producer: Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib

Production: banner Six Sigma Plus

Original Network: ARY Digital  

Original Release Date: 17 August 2019

No. of Episodes: ….

Rating: 5 Stars

Lead Role: Humayun Saeed as Danish, Ayeza Khan as Mehwish, Adnan Siddiqui as Shehwar Ahmad, Hira Mani as Hania, Shees Sajad Gul as Roomi

Other Cast: Savera Nadeem as Mahum, Mehar Bano as Anushey, Rehmat Ajmal as Ayesha, Furqan Qureshi as Salman, Mohammad Ahmed as Mateen Sahab, Shamim Hilaly, Musaddiq Malik as Monty.

Mere Paas Tum Ho Drama

Story of Mere Paas Tum Ho

The drama immediately increased acceptance in the viewers. And it became the very popular serial of 2019. It’s opening off very well. The first episode access 10.9 TRPs which is the highest ratings. Episode 17 highest ratings of any TV program 24.9 TRPs in 2019. Because of its great storyline. 

Danish is a humble man with high moral values. He works as a government officer. His whole life turns around his wife Mehwish and son Roomi and he loves them immensely. Mehwish’s best friend Anoushey introduced to brother’s boss, Shehwar Ahmad.

Top Pakistani Dramas

Shehwar Ahmed is a successful businessman but his marriage life is unsuccessful. Shehwar praises Mehwish’s beauty. Ms. Hania Roomi’s school teacher and is the daughter of Mateen Sahab.  

The story plays around these characters and all character performance outstanding. Therefore, it now includes in Top Pakistani Dramas.

Dil Mom Ka Diya

Writer: Saira Raza

Director: Bhai Jaan, Shahid Shafat

Producer: Humayun Saeed and Shehzad Nasib

Production: MD Productions Karachi, Pakistan

Original Network: ARY Digital

Original Release Date: August 23 – December 4

No. of Episodes: 30

Rating: 4.7 Stars

Lead Role: Neelam Muneer as Ulfat, Yasir Nawaz as Afzal, Hira Mani as Tamkinat and Imran Ashraf as Azhar.

Other Cast: Alizey Shah as Farhat, Erum Akhter as Salma, Qavi Khan as Qari Sahab, Nida Mumtaz, Hassam Khan as Akmal, Zubi Majeed as Kausar, Salman Faisal as Tipu. 

Dil Mom Ka Diya Drama

Story of Dil Mom Ka Diya

Drama serial Dil Mom Ka Diya is the most wanted of all those Pakistani dramas who audiences like most. This drama serial to watch because it has realism involved. This social drama serial contains the conversation on the outdoor social issues such as rape, molestation, and crimes. Therefore, most popular among the audience. 

As well as the field also provides to the indoor issues that our society faces in every household. It brings into limelight the problems that don’t get public exposure otherwise. 

So, according to my opinion, Dil Mom Ka Diya had a complete & a proper ending. One of the main and strong points of the show was that it constantly remained moral.

But some tracks here & there did get a pull but with a great ending. The drama basically expresses a modest story if complete well really creates into the moral drama to tune. Watch all episodes on ARY Digital

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

 Writer: Faiza Iftikhar

Director: Kashif Nisar

Producer: Momina Duraid

Production: MD Productions

Original Network: Hum TV

Original Release Date: 3 November 2018 –1 June 2019

No. of Episodes: 31

Rating: 5 Stars

Lead Role: Male Imran Ashraf as Bhola, Female: Iqra Aziz as Noori

Other Casts: Asma Abbas, Syed Jibran, Munazzah Arif, Kashif Mehmood, Ammara Butt, Zaib Rehman, Noor-ul-Hassan, Ahmed Abdul Rehman, Ismat Iqbal, Umer Dar, Nargis Bhatti & others

Top Pakistani Dramas

It appeared as one of the best iconic dramas on television history in Pakistan. The story of the drama is thoroughly entertaining and superbly excited. Imran Ashraf and Iqra Aziz perform outstanding performances as a couple.

And play with some of the most unique characters. It was exceptional shows that leave an everlasting impression on the viewers. Therefore, it includes its top Pakistani dramas.

Story of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi:

The story revolves around a beautiful girl name Noori. Noori belongs to a poor family and their parents collect street garbage. Therefore she is not adjusting in their environment. She wants to live in a respectable lifestyle therefore, move to the city and wok in the factory to fulfill her own wishes.

In this journey, she faces a lot of trouble. Amma Jannate is like a mother of Noori and she gave her respectable life after married to Bhola. Bhola entirely owns a mansion and an agricultural property in the village. But he is mentally weak and also has a lot of childlike habits. Bhola’s mother is a very kind and humble woman.

Special love bounding exists between mother and son. Later Noori also develops feelings of love, care, and empathy for Bhola and unconventional romantic relationship between them. Therefore, it includes top Pakistani Dramas.  Watch all episodes on HumTV. 

Do Bol

Writer: Sarwat Nazeer

Director: Syed Wajahat Hussain

Producers: Humayun Saeed, Nadeem Baig

Production Company: Six Sigma & Next Level Entertainment

Original Network: ARY Digital

Original Release Date: 5 March – 5 May 2019

No. of Episodes: 30

Rating: 5 Stars

Lead Role: Male Affan Waheed as Badar uz Zaman, Female: Hira Mani as Gaiti Ara,

Other Cast: Samina Ahmed, Haris Waheed, Haroon Shahid, Mehmood Aslam, ZQ, Rubina Ashraf, Salman Saeed & others

This drama represents a sweet love story. And outbuildings challenges for a woman who goes through in a patriarchal society. A woman every time becomes the victim of sacrifice.

She is predictable to put other’s pleasure before her own. She rarely has authority over her life.

Top Pakistani Dramas

Story of Do Bol

‘Do Bol’ is the story of two persons they relate to different backgrounds. They became victims of their environmental situation and spend their entire lives with each other. Geeti is a beautiful girl. She has a jolly nature and loves everyone in the whole world. She belongs to a rich family.

Other-side Badar is an ordinary middle-class man. It also helps to Geeti’s father in their work. He is in love with Geeti secretly. Sameer is an educated person and very practical. Sameer and Geeti love with each other and meet first time in weeding.

But A twist is when forced marriage between Geeti and Badar which Geeti not accept. Geeti’s father lives by his rules. At the end of the show, Gaiti could not find the love for Sameer. But the love of Badar remained with her. Watch all video episodes on ARY Digital. 


Writer: Zafar Mairaj

Director: Kashif Nisar

Producer: Momina Duraid

Production: MD Productions

Original Network: Hum TV

Original Release Date: 11 March 2019 – 19-August-2019

No. of Episodes: 24

Rating: 5 Stars

Lead Role: Male Sami Khan as Shayan and Imran Ashraf as Rehan Chaudhry, Female: Yumna Zaidi as Hajra

Other Cast: Rehan Sheikh, Noor-ul-Hassan, Imran Peerzada, Munazzah Arif, Kinza Malik, Haseeb Muhammad, Saima Noreen, Ali Tahir, Nabeela Khan, Saima Saleem, Zaryab Haider & others.

Inkaar is one of the more heavy responsibility dramas on a sensitive topic. The writer has very inspired by real-life incidents. Inkaar highlights the position of agreement in a relationship.

Inkaar is expressive as well as attractive drama. Definitely, it is one of the best Pakistani dramas this year.

The show focused on Hajra’s character that looks heartbroken and confused from her own goals. She left her studies due to some unexplained conditions. And she works as a teacher at a school. Shayan belongs to a wealthy family and is totally in love with her.

Rehan Chaudhry also meets Hajra at university. But Hafiz Saheb is the father of Hajra that well-respected sweet creator. He is known for his religiousness and honesty.

Rehan Chaudhry young man and wisely built up a relationship with Hajra. And which ended relation when he tried to rape her. Inkaar circumvents the pitfalls of performing a real-life story. Watch online all videos episode.

Top Pakistani Dramas


Writer: Zanjabeel Asim Shah

Director: Badar Mehmood

Producer: Fahad Mustafa & Dr. Ali Kazmi

Production: Big Bang Entertainment

Original Network: ARY Digital

Original Release Date: 5 January – 10 August 2019

No. of Episodes: 30

Rating: 5 Stars

Lead Role: Male Emmad Irfani as Shayaan & Bilal Abbas Khan as Wajih, Female: Saba Qamar as Mannat

Other Cast: Aijaz Aslam, Noor-ul-Hassan, Azekah Daniel, Ushna Shah, Saima Qureshi, Gul-e-Rana, Nayyar Ejaz as Inspector Aamir Kha, Shabbir Jan as Lawyer, Junaid Akhter, Shehryar Zaidi, Asfar Khan & others.

The main thing in the story is a very strong relationship between husband and wife Shayaan and Mannat. They shared everything and very supportive of each other.  Viewers also like their chemistry and bonding between them.  

Story of Cheekh:  

The story around Nayab murdered the incident. She belongs to a middle-class family and lost her mother. She lives with her father Ramzaan and greedy step-mother. Mannat, Haya and Nayab are friends.

On Haya’s engagement, Nayab has the face to murder attempt after the rape and physical violence. She indicates on her last breath testimony in front of Mannat & police.

Wajih, Yawer, Shayaan, and Haya are siblings, but Shayaan married with Mannat. Nayab indicates Raja, Raja is the nickname of Wajih.

Top Pakistani Dramas

After that Mannat file F.I.R against Raja. She knows very-well after that their relationship with their in-laws not good. Her In-Laws are shown as quite a wealthy family.

After that everyone against Mannat and supporting in reject Nayab. Another side Mannat’s husband is, in fact, supportive of his wife. Because he starts to doubt his brother based on all that he receives regarding this case.


Writer: Samira Fazal

Director: Shahzad Kashmiri

Producer: Momina Duraid

Production: MD Productions

Original Network: Hum TV

Original Release Date: 17 February – 8 September 2019

No. of Episodes: 30

Rating: 5 Stars

Lead Role: Male Shehzad Sheikh as Areesh Ghazanfar & Usman Mukhtar as Altamash

Female: Hania Aamir as Daneen Saif & Naimal Khawar Khan as Izza Khan

Other Cast: Raju Jamil as Zahid Sher, Tara Mahmood as Nazia Khan, Farhan Ali Agha as Azam Khan, Irfan Khoosat as Arshad Sher, Javeria Kamran as Nashwa Ghazanfar, Seemi Raheel as Sadia Begum, Shamil Khan as Ghazanfar, Areeba Shahood as Anya Areesh, Muqeet Khan as Kabir & others.

Story of Anaa:

The story of this drama serial is a story of love and dispute. Naimal Khawar Khan and Usman Mukhtar’s on-screen chemistry has brilliant. Viewers like a lot their track otherwise maybe it can really repetitive at times.

This drama also walks around relationships. The main lesson about this story reveals that the role of ego in any relation destroy their happiness.  

Top Pakistani Dramas

The story of ‘Anaa’ rotates around two nawab families. Daneen and Areesh fall in love with each other. But they have to challenge their family rules because they also love and respect theirs.

Therefore they don’t go against them. It is the story of love, respect, and selflessness. After that complexity in the relationships, sometimes endless love and respect people have for each other.

Top Pakistani Dramas

Top Pakistani Dramas

Suno Chanda 2

Writer: Saima Akram Chaudhry

Director: Ahson Talish

Producer: Momina Duraid

Production: MD Productions

Original Network: Hum TV

Original Release Date: 7 May – 5 June 2019

No. of Episodes: 30

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Lead Role: Farhan Saeed as Arsalan aka Arsal Jamshed Ali, Female: Iqra Aziz as Ajiya aka Jiya Arsal Ali

Other Cast: Raza Talish, Nabeel Zuberi, Mashal Khan, Samina Ahmed, Nadia Afghan, Sohail Sameer, Arjumand Rahim, Tara Mehmood, Adnan Shah Tipu, Sami Khan, Sabeena Farooq & others.

Top Pakistani Dramas

Story of Suno Chanda 2:

The story of this season starts from where the first season ended. It explores the story of Jiya and Arsal later in their marriage.

This family show is very entertaining and also a love story. Arsal has a problem when it comes to Jiya continuing her study is a confusing turn.

Top Pakistani Dramas

Shabana’s character is special for the viewer’s and wishes coming back. Because of its character very supportive and interesting. And Nadia Afghan’s performance in this character very well.

She truly presents their character, therefore, she built a special place in the heart of many people. And more characters also add for entertaining to this serial. Therefore it includes top Pakistani dramas.

Top Pakistani Dramas

Review the stories and ratings of Top Pakistani Dramas.


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