The difference between Eastern and Western Philosophy

Eastern and Western Philosophy Overview

Some collected information that clear you about the difference between Eastern and Western Philosophy.


Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Integral Yoga, Islam, Taoism, Zen

  1. Cosmological unit.
  2. Life is a journey toward eternal realities that are beyond the realities that surround us.
  3. Circular view of the universe, based on the awareness of eternal recurrence
  4. Inner world dependent
  5. The noble position is to find your identity and to believe yourself “no-self.
  6. Behavioral ethics


Christianity, Rational, Scientific, Logical Schools

  1. Felling oneself as an element of Divine.
  2. Life is a service (to God, money, business, etc.)
  3. In accordance with Christian philosophy where everything has its beginning and the end, depending upon the linear view of life.
  4. Outer-world dependent
  5. Your goal is to achieve secular success and happiness for yourself. 

The ME concept


Eternal reality of the universal truth: self-liberation through getting rid of the false “Me” and discovering the truth “Me”


“Me” is here and now. You don’t need to discover yourself it’s already there you just need to appear.

Search for truth and fundamental research


Eastern and Western Philosophy Graph


There is no need to prove the truth it’s Already Given

The philosophic foundation for and culture of basic research is weaker


The truth needs to be proved

The philosophic foundation for and culture of basic research is stronger



The deeds that you have done today predict your future.

“if you would like to divine the future then Study the past”



You never know about your future, it was predetermined by God and not much influenced by your deeds.

“Your future cannot determine by the past.”

Edmund Burke

Beliefs and Values


The true key is INSIDE. The higher value is base on the ability to control oneself.

“You will meet only the outer surface by chasing your desires”

Lao Tzu


Success and achievement are the main values for human beings. These can be achieved in many ways, but rarely through developing inner strength. Only the OUTSIDE depends on where criteria for noble values are only faith, money, popularity, etc.

The happiness gets in doing virtue action, and ideal happiness gets by the finest activity, which is contemplative.” Aristotle.


Western philosophy is mostly used in the Western side of the world, Infect in the European countries, although the Eastern philosophy is established in Asian side countries.

Western philosophy contracts with Independence whereas Eastern Philosophy is related to Public ownership.

The center on both philosophies has virtues.

Eastern philosophy precedes more than of a spiritual approach although Western philosophy is further hands-on.



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