SEO Friendly URL Tips: Best Optimization

SEO Friendly URL Tips Top Way to Optimization:

SEO Friendly URL Tips:


URL is a unique finger representing the exclusive location of a web page on the internet. The domain is tracking that specific product, services, categories, and pages, which procedures a whole URL structure.

An SEO expert has much more information holds than a web page’s position. It delivers informative signals to search engines that help to understand the content of a page. The purpose is to easily rank in the target market using SEO friendly URL tips. Sometimes signals can be weak, strong, and missing. Main search engines detect from URLs when defining the page’s content.

SEO Friendly URL Tips:

  1. Cover the Exact Target Keyword
  2. URLs Must be 100% Readable
  3. Use Hyphens, Not Underscores
  4. Eliminate IDs and numbers & 301 Redirect
  5. Upload a Favicon and Use Canonical URLs
  6. Add Mobile URLs to a Sitemap
  7. Block Bad URLs with Robots.txt & Exclude “stop words”’ from the URL
  8. No Capital Letters
  9. Harmonize the URL with the page title

Generally, for the promotion of products and services, a complete URL is used the domain name. A well-structured URL captures users’ attention. Tech Beginner helps you define a meaningful and exciting URL structure. SEO Friendly URL Tips make your site or any post URL very great. 


Cover the Exact Target Keyword

Cover your exact target keyword or phrase in your URL. It should be easy on your service pages. May include domain name, category or web page name, but its unnecessary use and may harm the ranking of your site.

Great URL:


Bad URL:

URLs Must be 100% Readable

If you can’t read every single word in your URL, therefore, search engines cannot find your data. You must be changed into meaningful words and make it readable. Visitors are more likely to open a website that easily senses.

Correct URL:

Incorrect URL:

Use Hyphens, Not Underscores

You can separate words in your URL with dashes or hyphens. The ranked get high on biggest search engines use their rules instead of underscores.

Correct URL:

Incorrect URL:

Eliminate IDs and numbers & 301 Redirect

Special characters and codes that generate by blogging can make the URL ugly and harm, so remove them.

301 Redirect Broken URLs, in case of finding your content on your old URL to redirect with the new address for a high ranking web page on search results. Basically, inform search engines to add 301 redirect your old URL to your new URL.

Upload a Favicon and Use Canonical URLs

Many browsers add toyed with as well as favicons in their search results. Because it helping with brand recognition and reliance. Favicons also stand out extra in browser bookmarks.

This way to avoid punished for duplicate content. Basically, redirect your IP address to your desired domain. Otherwise, search engines consider your IP address and your website are both changed websites with similar content.

Express search engines when ignoring parameters further to your URLs, like a session ID or pagination.  Has the same content as

Add Mobile URLs to a Sitemap For SEO Friendly

In a sitemap, guide main search engines about which pages on your website are mobile-friendly. In mobile search results mobile-friendly pages to rank higher.

Block Bad URLs with Robots.txt & Exclude “stop words”’ from the URL

Avoid being punished for duplicate content by blocking search engines from indexing several URLs to similar content and other difficult URLs.

Stop words are and, of, a, the, but, etc. these words make shortening the URL structure. The title of a web page can be left out for shortening the URL structure, therefore, removes them from Permalink.

Top Content in Top Folders

Search engines often deliberate web pages in your root folder as top-level content. URL structure can signal the rank of a page on your website.

More Authority:

Less Authority:

No Capital Letters Use in SEO Friendly URL

Capital letters complicate and difficult understand both people and search engines. Adding capital letters translates your URL by making it exponentially tough to remember. is a different URL than

Harmonize the URL with the page title

To gain customers’ trust, you necessity to harmonize URLs appear by count the similar text to the URL that is used in the title of the web page.

SEO Friendly URL Tips Benefits:

SEO Friendly URL Tips are very beneficial for your site. It makes a very high-rank competition. Tech Beginer tries to provide comfortable data for its users.


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