Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ leaked image confirms the main design change

Galaxy Note 10+ leaked image design

Samsung According to the information we are familiar with the upcoming Note device feature a selfie hole blow camera, related to Galaxy S10. Display the top middle part centered. It also the main feature relates to note 10 models with 4 rear cameras. The S-Pen is not so much different from the previous device. The design will have high-pitched curves as compared to the last version of the device. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ leaked image design.

Other report suggested that Samsung is successful to launch a number of Note devices under the name Note 10 Pro. Samsung has decided the upcoming Note device name similar to Galaxy S-series smartphones. So the upcoming Note device will be Galaxy Note 10+ as a replacement for of Galaxy Note 10 Pro. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ leaked image design before launched. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ leaked image design.


Pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ that released are not that perfectly clear. The details information related to the phone is attractive observable. The image proves many gossips to be true and it will have a centered characteristic selfie camera. It displays that the Note gadget will be named Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. The last final side image is a complete condition but it leaks the quad camera setup in the Note 10+.

It is quiet not confirmed whether the image is appropriate or not. The look of the images common, it looks like that may very well be our major look at the future Galaxy Note 10+.

Just as we estimated, Note 10 appears to have a fixed selfie camera. It looks like to be somewhat less important than the one on the Galaxy S10. Attractive a faster look at the two images anywhere the front-facing camera is detectable. There look like to be a factory protection pre-functional on the screen. The control of the camera cut-out in the protection is also noticeable in both shots.


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