PUBG Mobile Revenue Over $1 Billion

PUBG Mobile Revenue Over $1 Billion Earned

PUBG Mobile Revenue Over $1 Billion


The PUBG battle royale and one of the fastest-growing games start on smartphones. It is quite popular game in these days. It is reported according to the industry intelligence firm Sensor Tower.  The company’s check the up-to-date estimations put the battle royale revolver at over $1 billion. The revenue has through on all the devices. Now it cross the $1 billion spot in revenue.

Growth Rate of PUBG Mobile

This game quickly increased their power across multiple markets start on its release time. It out-performing other than battle royale games like Knives Out type. It is recent released game in terms of revenue and one of the biggest mobile games include. The player costs skyrocketed to $167 million after releasing the game. Also increase from last year about 748%. Number 1 mobile game from last three month in terms of revenue.

Even at that time if China is removed from the equation, scheduled PUBG Mobile revenue has added than doubled as of August. The game has quiet shown tremendous progress with players spending over $63 million in just one month from outside of China. This is highly of nearby 152% from a previous year.

PUBG Mobile Revenue

Game PUBG stable as a lead in positions of mobile battle Royale is crossing the $1 billion mark places. The App Store and Google Play across generate revenue. PUBG has developed its gross revenue from almost $25 million in August 2018 to some extent than $160 million last month.

It is worth bringing up these numbers that do not contain revenue generate from PUBG Lite. As the name advises, PUBG Lite is a lightweight game. This device does not have the essential hardware for play the game alternative for older devices.

On the other side, Fortnite has still long way to go before it. And also it can reach the $1 billion mark. According to evaluations, the game is able to generate $752 million revenue on iOS and Android.

You can download and play on your smartphone PUBG Mobile.


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