OPPO Becomes Number 1 Smartphone Brand

OPPO Becomes Number 1 Smartphone Brand in Pakistan

OPPO Becomes Number 1 Smartphone Brand in Pakistan

Brand OPPO becomes the world’s leading smartphone brand. It has first ranking sales volume in the Pakistan market for numerous months from June and July 2019. OPPO has reached success by achieving major milestones. Global smartphone brand OPPO has leading global technology and market analyst firm.

OPPO Ranked in Pakistan

OPPO ranked as the first best-selling smartphone brand in Pakistan. It increases their position from last year because then its position was second. Therefore, OPPO Becomes Number 1 Smartphone Brand. OPPO brand has also explored and pioneers extraordinary technology.   

Although, the whole market size has shrinkage for smartphones in Pakistan. But OPPO continued to effort on localizing its strategy to strengthen its struggles in the Pakistan market. Their focus is to increased localization in their strategy to occupy the best top position in this market. OPPO aims to have a stronger brand existence across Pakistan to further the brand strengthen. It also wants to brand’s strengths top in the mobile market in all sectors.

The main reason behind the achievement of OPPO is its “Camera Campaign”. When the people of Pakistan were prepared for the good quality camera at low and mid-range at that time OPPO satisfies them and complete their needs. The OPPO was the first handset that introduces high-quality smartphones at a low range.

According to Latest the report:

According to the report, Pakistan’s smartphone deliveries for the month of July’19 were at 0.7 million units. OPPO’s dominance was well-defined by the highest provider share at 36% all over Pakistan. With a result, OPPO has achieved an incredible market share of 25% and Samsung has caught up to 19%. Therefore OPPO Becomes Number 1 Smartphone Brand in Pakistan.    

OPPO F3, OPPO A57, and OPPO A37 are ranked among the five records popular 4G android handset in Pakistan’s smartphone in the market.

OPPO Becomes Number 1 Smartphone

Statement Of Director of marketing OPPO Ali Kakvi:

The other main goals of the OPPO brand, to create long-term plans that focus on expanding the workforce by generating employment opportunities. The director of marketing OPPO Ali Kakvi gave the statement: “We are not having the background pioneering technology platform. But we create original and innovative products with exclusive craftsmanship therefore truly enriches the lives of loyal consumers. OPPO is growing exponentially in Pakistan with extremely economical smartphones at a different price point. Therefore, we are looking forward to maintaining.”    

Their performance is very good and price matter a lot with the new version, therefore, OPPO Becomes Number 1 Smartphone. 



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