On-page SEO

On-page SEO

You must be up to date on on-page SEO basics. Because it has provided the highest performance to your website. And your target audience visibility will be very easy for your website. The on-page SEO “rules” have changed extremely, because of delivering the best results on Google.

On-page SEO


On-page SEO techniques 2019

Some On-page SEO Best Techniques & Ranking Factors 2019. It is optimizing a single web page for higher rank and access more traffic in search engines.

 Page optimization has a huge effect on its ability to rank high. On-page especially discusses the content and HTML source code of a page. It can be optimized. The backlinks are also most important for rank your article on Google.

Find out people searching and interest before you start writing:

First, you find a topic do you want to plan for writing on it. Select a topic that people search a lot. And you sure about your point of view are different and unique. You must try something new add in your writing. The timing is also impacted by writing.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO

The keyword is a topic in which you select you for writing. You have many different ways to check the right and ranked keywords. You can easily select interested and related to your page domain.  The main reason behind, the viewers must be satisfied with your providing data.

Title Tags

Your title tag starts with Keyword which you select. Title tags are an essential part of any SEO operation. Your main focus keyword must be including there. Because it is an easy way to understand for the user what is your website and topic about.

The title tag is outlined on your page. The ranking of web pages depends on particular queries. SEO plugin allows you to make a custom title tag descriptive and short.

Your title tag use to stand out from your competitors, therefore make sure to add all information including your keywords. The titles and descriptions are the best way to find the answer to their queries.

Heading Tags

Your blog must be including multiple heading tags. The very important heading is the h1 and more than one h1 tag is not allowed on any page. But you can include multiple h2 or h3 tags as subheadings use on the post.

It characterizes the different sections in one the blog. In this way, users easily read the whole data. It also has a good impact on an SEO standpoint and a usability viewpoint. But you must be sure about the content supports all the heading.

The primary keyword of your content must be included somewhere in your h1 heading tag. Yoast SEO plugin on WordPress examines with the best way on-page factors. It also helps to confirm your page is fully optimized.

Meta Tags

The implementation of Meta tags is the most dynamic feature of your on-page SEO. It affects to optimize written data and useful for SEO. It utilized and will improve your traffic. Meta tags are used to deliver information related to your page to search engines.

The user satisfies with related data due to it achieves high ranking. Custom Meta tags will affect users and also the high growth rate of your click-through.

Meta Descriptions

The Meta description provides information to the user on which type of page or topic. A better-written Meta description can produce a competitive in the search results. You must be filling a Meta description of all pages on your site.

Its advantage for search engines that read the Meta descriptions, therefore, easily determines the page or topic. You must describe your Meta description between 165 to 175 words or characters. It clearly outlines for the user what will find on the page.

To find achievement and stable traffic on your website, therefore, it starts with your title and Meta tags. After that, it’s all above to your quality content that maintains a visit. Also, depending on your user experience. You can easily check which page has no Meta description or missing.

You enter your website link screaming Frog’s SEO Spider. Because it displays you all pages to your domain URL therefore, you can check with the Meta description and its length.

On-Page Ranking Factors for SEO

Content of Page

The content of a page has the best position on the search engine. Your content must be well-writing and meaningful on a search result position. The user came automatically to see and really significant to the search engines. Therefore, it is essential to create good content. So an SEO viewpoint all good content has 2 attributes. Good content is supply-demand and linkable.

Good content supplies a demand:

The best content has a great job of supplying with the largest demand in the user. It just likes the world rule of supply and demand. The large groups of technologists that explain with enhancing and easily article. It can in the form of video, an image, a sound, or text but satisfies user demand. Good content properly supplying according to considered demand. The good information is also affected by the supply.

Good content is linkable:

From an SEO viewpoint, the concept of best and worst content has not existed. But if people not like then automatically search engines not rank it. As a result, the content has not contained traffic to the given website. The likable content is that supply-demand in a great way.

Use SEO-Friendly URLs

Google has started and like the first 3-5 words in a URL. Our ranking factors set or found short URLs in the search results. So you must be making them short and sweet. Therefore you must be select SEO-friendly URLs. And it is important that you include your main keyword in your URL.

Avoid using auto-generated URLs that consist of figures and characters

On-page SEO

On-page SEO URL Which not perfect

Use URLs consistent to your content and its title:


In WordPress, you can set permalinks in their settings

On-page SEO

Set the User_Friendly URL Structure

According to SEO specialists, short URLs rank better in Google. Therefore you must be avoided ugly URLs (consist of figure or number) or long URLs. For more detail about User_Friendly URL Structure

Start Title with Keyword

You must be trying that your tittle starts with your keyword. Because title tags are very important for on-page SEO. Your title tag start with your target keyword provides a great impact on ranking factor. Just before the beginning of your title with your focus keyword.

Add Modifiers To Your Title

You can use them as a modifier like “2019”, “best”, “guide”, “checklist”, “fast” and “review”. It can be very helpful for your ranking long-tail descriptions of your target keyword.

Post Title in an H1 Tag

The H1 tag is add in your top on the post. In the WordPress H1 tags automatically add to your post title. Because it has high effects on ranking factor, therefore, the H1 heading tag given essential.  

Affective with Multimedia

Texts can only revenue for your content. So, your visitors engaged due to the use of images, infographics, charts, and videos. And it also can reduce bounce rate but vaster stay on a website that’s way increase time on site.

These are two critical user communications which effect on ranking factors. Furthermore, you can motivate people like to share or comment about your post content.

Set Keyword in First 100 Words

Your focus keyword must be appearing in the first 100-150 words of your post. And also it is necessary to show in the first paragraph of your article.  

Instead, add your focus keyword somewhere in the first paragraph. Therefore, it helps to understand Google about your all webpages.

Responsive Design Selected:

Responsive Design is the best method to optimize your site for mobile and tab devices. Your site has must be mobile-friendly. Because it will help to gain traffic from a search engine, which is beneficial for your site. Recommend a responsive design for your site. Therefore it will be helpful for users and Google.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Google has specified the speed of page load on the record because it is an SEO ranking signal. You can increase your website speed by using a CDN, optimizing images, and transferring to faster hosting. You must be sure that your site does not take more than 4s for open or load.

75% of users do not like to re-visit a site that has a longer time to load more than 4 seconds. You can check your website’s loading speed to enter the domain in GTMetrix.com and see their latest performance report.  

LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are synonyms. Google uses LSI keywords to determine a page’s possible quality.

LSI Keywords in SEO

LSI Keywords

Image Optimization

All the images that include in the post content make sure they are optimizing. In WordPress, many plugins issued to optimize images like smush. In all images, at least one image must include the same name as the focus keyword. Alt Text in images adds as your focus keyword.

  • image alt and description tags
  • image size
  • organizing your images
  • image format
  • Google Images


Use Social Sharing Buttons

Social signals an important part because it increases the ranking of the site indirectly. Social sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn increase social sharing by 700%. This is the main reason to add social sharing buttons.

Post-Long Content Best for On-page SEO

Longer content post leans towards rank significantly higher and also exist on Google’s first page. Your aim must be at least 1900 words for each post of content that you want to publish. Length is a great strength that helps you to rank your post with a better position on the keyword base. It also brings more traffic. For more detail about Post-Long Content.

Outbound and internal links

SEO policy to get more traffic use outbound links and internal links. These links related also help Google to find out your page’s topic. And you must try to link with authority sites because it reflects on your website.


Internal linking is a good way to represent your own site use 2-3 in every post. You can promote your other articles or website sections using an internal link. The internal link also helps Google to recognize the structure of your site.

Cluster model for internal link On-page SEO


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