How to Reduce Bounce Rate:

How to Reduce Bounce Rate using the Quick & Easy Way:

First, introduce about bounce rate then discuss how to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Before reducing the bounce rate actually it is important to know after all that the Bounce rate is.

What is the Bounce Rate?

The percentage of visitors who visit on your website or land on your page or blog and then to leave without a stay to a second. This is the bounce rate.

The greater bounce rate shows that you were not able to satisfy the user. Therefore, the user is not to stay and act on your product or blog.

A viewer can bounce by clicking on a link to another website from your site. In some cause, they clicking the back button or close the open window or tab to leave your website and sometimes caused web hosting errors.

How to Find Your Site’s Bounce Rate

In advance figuring out how to lower your site’s bounce rate firstly, check the bounce rate. It’s a good impression to check your website bounce rate.

First Method: Observe in your WordPress dashboard install after MonsterInsights plugin and then activate and check the bounce rate.

Other Method: Find it in your Google Analytics account.

The overall imperative of thumb is that:

80%+ is very bad

70 – 80% is poor

50 – 70% is average

30 – 50% is excellent

20% or below is due to a tracking error or duplicate analytics code

how to reduce the bounce rate

Why Is The Bounce Rate Increasing?

Several thinkable reasons but some are:

how to reduce the bounce rate

  • Your content may be not effective: “Not-effective” in the term maybe your content irrelevant to the topic or badly formatted, incomplete, or reader not understand.
  • Poor Site Navigation: Add up to page navigation, interrelated and random posts widgets, etc. If your blog lacks a suitable navigation arrangement, then it might be the major reason for increasing the bounce rate of your blog.
  • Lots of Pop-Ups: Another main reason to increase the bounce rate, a lot of popups inclusion on your site. I have recently seen several sites include pop-up advertisements and subscription boxes from time to time, giving a bad impact on the visitor.
  • Bad Theme: Theme design and factor layout are important.  The theme is the first impression of your website to the users. If your website is designed not properly, or poorly design layout then the user will not like your site.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate

Some different ways to discuss that decrease the bounce rate of your site.

Great Content:

The content is very important for all aspects of your site. So, it automatically helps for decreasing the bounce rate. The content of your blog must be engaging, interesting, and informative therefore no reader will leave your site. They must check without the rest of your site posts.

Reduce Pop-Up:

You must provide your reader with a free environment by reducing the number of the pop-up. The pop-up on your site gives navigate through your posts.  Therefore, your readers will not properly engage with your post.

Show Related Posts:

You can use widgets or something like this for the reader therefore they engaged within your site. Therefore, through the related posts, your readers can move into other pages of your site after view the current post. The other main effective strategy is interlinking that attracts the user to your other posts.

Attractive Design:

The theme of your site modest, elegant and user-friendly. Connect numbered-page navigation and provide suitable widgets. You must create the professional look of your site that provides resources at proper places. Website layout and design is a very important factor because it is the factor that gave the first impression on your users.

Open External Links In A New Tab:

The reference of external links that you provide in your post for user help you must try to open in a new window or tab. Therefore, when they click on an external link that opens with a new tab because if the user toward the external link, then leaving our site or post. Therefore always external links redirect to open in a new tab.

Improve Your Site’s Speed:

You don’t need to waste the time to show users a blank page loading data scripts and downloading all content. You must optimize your site images, use a Content Delivery Network, enhance better caching, and deliberate switching to a quicker hosting provider. Pingdom and Google Page Speed is used to check the speed of your site.

Add Images and videos for engaged the user:

Videos are used to highly engaging and clutch attention more than text. Videos are influential. You can use animations, music, audio, narration, colors, and so many other forms of encouragement tools. You can use high-quality photographs images as full-screen backgrounds are that they have established to be very real.

These some effective methods to reduce the bounce rate of your site.

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