How to Install Window 10 from USB

How to Install Window 10 from USB

How to Install Window 10 from USB:

Install Windows 10 from a USB control is a direct and very simple method. Within some time you can easily a new fresh version of Windows 10 installed on your media center.

Some Important Things You Must Need in Advance

  • Install ISO file or DVD of windows 10
  • At least 5GB available space in USB flash drive
  • An indolent computer where you’ll set-up the USB flash
  • The best USB format tool is EaseUS Partition Master
  • Your available device where you install Windows 10
  • Windows 10 product key confirmation email exist if you obtained online

Arranging the Windows 10 Bootable USB

Before any procedure, you must attach your format USB flash drive with your laptop. Windows 10 Media Creation Tool uses the easiest way between several existing methods.

To create a bootable USB drive, connect a USB stick that has 8GB of space at least, and then easily start following steps:

First Microsoft Windows 10 Download and then click on Download tool now the same show bellow.

How to install window 10 from USB First Download Tool

Save the file on your laptop or your device. It’s size roundabout 20MB that automatically take time

Media Creation Tool

After download Double-click on the Media Creation Toolxxxx.exe file

Click the Accept option that instruction or information of tool and to come to an agreement with the Microsoft terms

Show a window that represents two options there you select the option “Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC option”.

How to install window 10 from USB

Then click on the Next button.

Select from the available option

  • Language: which one you best understand
  • Edition: Windows 10
  • And Architecture: mostly depends on your system architecture.


Note: If these settings you cannot change, you must clear the checkbox labeled. Use the mentioned alternatives for this laptop.

  • Click the Next option again.

Note: If you want to install Windows 10 on several devices running with 32-bit or 64-bit architecture, then you select the “Architecture” from the drop-down menu and pick both options.

  • Select option USB flash drive
  • Then click again the Next button option
  • Select the USB flash stick from the list

Note: if you can’t see the drive which you want to select then you must click on the refresh drive list option.

  • Click the Next button option
  • To prompt quickly the downloading installation files of your Windows 10.


  • Wait until it creates the bootable USB with Windows 10 installer. And time for bootable USB depends on the speed of your internet. A lot of gigabytes data install therefore time taking process.

Note: If you have not the high speed of your internet then you have done this procedure in your workplace.

  • After that click the Finish button

In the end, once the complete procedure and USB flash drive make bootable with Windows 10 installation files. It supports BIOS and UEFI.

How to install window 10 from USB Drive

Install Windows 10 with a Bootable USB flash after installation media created.

The USB flash has needed to safely remove from your PC or laptop. After that, you insert it into the device or laptop where you install Windows 10.

How to install window 10 from USB

How to install window 10 from USB

The device or laptop power on where you want to install Windows 10. Wait until it detects the USB flash drive.

Note: If it does not start it reboot, you press a key this time to contact the UEFI/BIOS or boot list of options. After confirming that the USB device is perceived, then you choose it as a boot device.

The succeeding reboot should perceive the Windows 10 installation through media.

Now you completely ready to install Windows 10! Get started the installation.

Note that some installation Windows 10 may continue. Therefore, it’s also substance checking for Windows Updates:

  • First, go to Settings
  • Then select Updates & Security option
  • Here now Windows Update Option

After installation to make sure everything must be up to date

Bootable Windows Installation USB Drive must Safe

Simple steps to making a bootable Windows USB drive:

  • Format your USB flash device which at least 8GB or greater it
  • Windows 10 media creation tool download from Microsoft
  • Track the media creation sorcerer to download installation files of the Windows 10
  • Generate the installation media
  • Refuse the USB flash stick

Tech Beginer tries to provide easy steps that help you How to install window 10 from USB.


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