How to duplicate a page in WordPress

How to duplicate a page in WordPress

How to duplicate a page in WordPress

The simple way to generate a copy of a duplicate page or post in WordPress is by using a different plugin. Upon activation, duplicating posts and pages is only a single click. Producing a duplicate post or page permits you to work on it without lacking the effectiveness of the current version.

Why Need to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress

You may poverty to your content, therefore, copy and paste to the current page to make twists, when an operation on your site for the redesign.

Featured images, templates of the page and SEO data would move over all elements into the new draft. All the content copy and paste into a new draft, when you edit a page. Actually, it is accessible to the feature of the duplicate page in WordPress.

In the same way for posts, you may want to work on grownup drafts and published posts on your WordPress site.

You can just click on edit a post and working start on it. This possibly will not be a perfect situation, because in some cases other writers may also be working on it.

Take an appearance at our selection of the finest WordPress plugins to duplicate your posts and pages as well as how to use them

Duplicate a Page in WordPress

First thing, you require installing the Duplicate Post plugin and then activate.

After activation of the plugin, you must visit, on dashboard click Posts then » All Posts page. You will see two new links as a clone new draft to create below on each title post.


duplicate a page in wordpress 1

Click on ‘Clone’ will basically generate a duplicate post. And this will not open the duplicate post in the post editor.

The ‘New Draft’ option will duplicate the version of the post. And you can start work to open the duplicate version in the post editor.

You can also find similar options as well as pages.

The duplicate post plugin is one of the best for duplicate posts and also works really good. On the other hand, updating the old version of a post published then at hand is the best technique to do that.

This one is the best solution to redesign the website and pages.

Customizing Duplicate Post

This plugin by default support the posts and pages and works out of the box.

You can customize the plugin according to your requirement that enables you to support the custom post. It also includes the types of custom post, set a limit on user roles, and select what & when creating a duplicate.

First, select “setting” >> “Duplicate Post”

Page to design plugin settings

How to duplicate a page in wordpress

The division of settings page into three tabs. The first tab permits you to select what to copy when making a duplicate.

In the defaulting option, many websites have worked.

But, you can copy which you want things to check items and uncheck that you don’t need to be copied.

Next step, you must move on to the authorizations tab.

How to duplicate a page in wordpress

The plugin permits administrator and editor user roles to make by default duplicate posts. The feature of duplicate posts enables both types of posts and pages.

If page set as a custom post on your website then also appear those post types here. You can select whether you need to allow duplicate post features for those post types in the best way.

In the end, click on the Display tab to select which you poverty to display the clone post links. By default, the plugin displays them on the post list; edit screen, and admin bar.

How to duplicate a page in wordpress

Scroll down and below the button save changes don’t forget to click on it for your settings store.

Duplicate Page and Post

Duplicate Page and Post allows you to create the duplicate WordPress pages and posts speedily. The content does not change like title or style and the plugin can make the duplicate a page or post.

How to duplicate a page in wordpress

This plugin is relatively easy to use. You just to follow given steps:

  • First, install the plugin then activate, now go to Dashboard on the All Pages or All Posts menu. It’s totally depending on what you need to duplicate.

 duplicate a page in wordpress image

  • According to the need, the post or page you need to duplicate and just click on Duplicate.
  • The duplicate post or page will look like as a new draft. And the same name as the original name of the post. Open the copy which is a duplicate post to edit according to need.

Post Duplicator Plugin

Post Duplicator permits you to generate an exact replica of the selected post. As well as retaining the custom fields and custom taxonomies in the best way.

How to duplicate a page

Simple and easy steps to duplicate a WordPress page or post with the use of Post Duplicator plugin:

  • Install and then activate the plugin Post Duplicator.
  • Go to the post or the page which you want to make a duplicate, and then click Duplicate Post or Page.

How to duplicate a page 1

Note: There is a need for some settings that you can modify for the duplicated posts. First, go to Tools >> Post Duplicator and established the post status with the same name as the original. The post status draft, published, or similar to the main and also post type, and postdate. It’s also probable to adjust the duplicate’s title as well as the slug.


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