How to Create A Custom Page in WordPress

How to Create A Custom Page in WordPress

How to Create A Custom Page in WordPress

It’s an easy way to create a custom homepage in WordPress. And you can set up a beautiful custom home page according to your requirements. WordPress is one of the fastest ways to create content and publish it on the internet. And also you can add the most elegant front page presence.

WordPress has a lot to suggestion when creating a custom page in WordPress. You can fast and easier to manage the new custom home page. A stylish custom page create can do the whole thing from display the expertise. And it also to encourage users to interact with your website.

What is Stunning Home Page

A homepage is an avoidance starting page or the main frontpage of any website. It is the page that gives the first impression. Someone comes in your website’s domain name in their browser’s address bar first show your homepage.

The main objective of your site homepage is to present your website in front of users. WordPress has built-in functionality to make the new custom home page.

Some Tips for a Beautiful Landing or Custom Page

Tech Beginner tries to explain how you can set your dynamic front page as the home page of your site. Open the dashboard go to the setting option of WordPress where you set the home page. How you can create a gorgeous and easy-to-edit page in WordPress.

You can create a custom page in WordPress using different builders. Because it is very easy and also has many templates for guidance.

You can also make your main page of the site on your present theme without any builder. But you must be sure that your selected theme is very elegant. Because some themes have not many options for new enhancement.

Set a WordPress Static Page as the Home Page

WordPress allows you 2 ways to make content

  • Blog posts
  • Pages

In the blog post the entries or posts which you want to show to users in your blog. But every blog post has a publish date. Any news or content like company data or information related to the website will be published as a blog post.

Therefore post sometime published on a daily base. In that situation, some people select blog posts. Therefore, the latest post-show on the top of your page for the user’s attraction.

On the other hand, pages have no sequential order. Because pages are more static and it has evergreen content for user attraction. Such as you are ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ knowledge must be available show as pages. Your home page will have static content, therefore, set as a static page. 

How To Set A Custom Homepage With WordPress

Firstly, you generate a WordPress page that you want to set as the home page. WordPress login open WordPress create a custom page in the WordPress dashboard admin section then

Click on the Pages >> Add New

Add a page’s title means the name of the page. Title of the page like “Home” or another name that you want to be used on your website as your “static” front page.


Then click on the Publish button after that publish the page. You must go to set the option to set the page as a static page.

Create Custom Page in WordPress as a Static Homepage:

  • On your admin dashboard select on Settings >> click the Reading option
  • Set Your homepage which you want to displays to A static page or custom home page.
  • Select the static page which you make as the Homepage.
  • Click Save or “Save Change” button.

How to Create A Custom Page in WordPress

In this setting page, set the page as the custom home page after that open new window. You can set any page on the custom home page which you want or create a custom page in WordPress.

Create A Custom Page in WordPress

Create A Custom Page in WordPress

After selecting the static page option, you have the option to make any page as the homepage. Complete this process to create a custom page in WordPress click on the saves change button.

To add this ‘Home Page’ link to the navigation menu shown on the site view:

  • Open admin dashboard Go to Appearance option >> click Menus
  • On the open window, one Pages box shows where you click on the view all option button.
  • Check the “Home page” or any page which you select as a static page checkbox.
  • Then click on the “Add to Menu” button.


  • Click Save Menu button then your page appears on-site view.

How to Create A Custom Page in WordPress

If you want to add a blog post page on your website view you can also add a new page above the given method. Or you can add another page which already has as a post page or block page.

You can also set the post entries on the display page.

You can set the number of post entries that display on the given or selected page:

  • Select on Settings >> select Reading option.
  • Add the entries on that page which you select on the top option to the number of desires or selected posts.

How to Create A Custom Page in WordPress

But the “full test” option depends on the theme template. Some themes show full data some not show because all themes have not the same abilities. 




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