Best WordPress Comparison Plugins

Best WordPress Comparison Plugins

Best WordPress Comparison Plugins

The right comparison plugin depends for your needs. Depend on what type of information and products you want to display.

If you want users will able to select products to compare then probably the better option off with WP ComPEAR. TablePress is the most flexible option. It might require simple tables. Go Pricing is also good reasonable options that provide you a lot of control. Good control over the design with your comparison tables.

Now, it’s your option to know that how you build your comparison table.

Some Best WordPress Comparison Plugins are Discussed with Features: 

  • WP ComPEAR Comparison Plugins
  • TablePress WordPress Comparison Plugins
  • Compare for WooCommerce Products Plugin
  • Go Pricing WordPress Comparison Plugins
  • Pricing Table by Supsystic

These are the Best WordPress Comparison Plugins you  can easily select according to your selection or chooice. 


WP ComPEAR is a powerful premium plugin. You create an interactive product comparison produce both vertical and horizontal comparison tables on WordPress.

Best WordPress Comparison Plugins

Any product base website adds a comparison table is a critical task. But creating and maintains is very easy using WP ComPEAR look professional look and really beneficial for the visitor. One is the main thing that differentiates is the ability to make both static and interactive drag and drop comparisons. Another unique aspect also you make comparison sliders.

Major Feature

  • Create an unlimited drag-and-drop comparison


    • Tools
    • Product sliders
    • Sortable tables
  • Quickly and easily embed in your post or page with one click
  • Ability to make product specifications of your design each tool
Best WordPress Comparison Plugins

Image Drag-and-Drop


Large amounts of data organized with a simple table on your WordPress site with the help of TablePress. Over 700,000 active installs exist of this plugin. And a jaw-dropping 5-star rating exists on

Tobias Bäthge is the developer of TablePress. He has developed many add-on functions for expanding the abilities of TablePress. These extensions support things:

  • Making responsive tables
  • Column filters
  • For front-end users save-to-PDF button

Best WordPress Comparison Plugins

In adding helpful major features includes TablePress

  • Sorting, add pagination and more.
  • Import and export tables to Excel or .csv
  • Data type also include in formulas form
  • Premium add-ons enable responsive design
  • Detailed filtering and more other.

Multiple import formats:

You can create tables by entering data into a WordPress table editor. And also can import data from multiple formats such as Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files. Various competitor plugins offer one input format but it’s a great convenience to have.

Export your tables:

You can easily export your table in a CSV, HTML, or JSON file using TablePress interface. If you have migrated to a new WordPress connection or a new CMS to keep your data very accessible.

Extend your Capabilities for best WordPress Comparison Plugins:  

All TablePress extensions are available freely for download, but some of them are very time-consuming to code because recommend labeled “premium”. You support the developer with a minor donation during you download them.

Compare for WooCommerce Products Plugin

This is a very simple plugin which allows your customers do the comparison. Customer can compare between two or more products in the same or common popup window. This plugin is really attractive and flexible. And recently update of the plugin now works with the up-to-date version. Therefore, it is include in best WordPress Comparison Plugins. Their shopping cart easily adds the item right from the comparison table. Therefore, it is include in Best WordPress Comparison Plugins.

Viewers can comparison between two or more products

  • On the basis of Image,
  • Title
  • Price
  • Description
  • Weight
  • Availability
  • Dimension
  • WooCommerce attributes

Other Main Feature:

  • Enable and disable button on a single product page for compare
  • Enable and disable button on a shop page
  • Set button or link.
  • The compare table option is to add the product to the cart

Go Pricing WordPress Comparison Plugins:

Go Pricing is a premium plugin. This plugin is used for creating beautiful comparison tables. You can set by using shines with pricing tables. You can create any form of comparison table using Go Pricing plugin. The rank with over 11,000 sales is very good. And a 4.57-star rating has on over 700 reviews using this plugin.

Go Pricing is one of the very popular pricing table plugins which is used for sale. Go Pricing contains almost 250+ table templates. These templates to help you become start without needing to activate from scratch. Go Pricing prices $27 at CodeCanyon. You can create your own comparison tables or using a simple admin interface including

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Buttons
  • Icons Etc.

You can also access tons of style and animation opportunities. If you do not want to create a table from scratch then select from and import. The 250+ form exist in premade demo tables. In wide-ranging Go Pricing plugin is really shines the styling options. Within a lot of features that make cause to add best WordPress comparison plugins.

The plugin also contains features like

  • Column animations
  • Awesome font icons integration
  • Quick to respond
  • Responsive design
  • Short-codes anywhere to easily add tables

Best WordPress Comparison Plugins


Pricing Table by Supsystic

Pricing Table by Supsystic is a well-design and free plugin. You can make both pricing and comparison tables. You can easily create tables and not need any code because of its drag and drop builder.  Also, include unlimited columns and rows according to your need add tooltips. Therefore, it is easily include in best WordPress comparison plugins.

Create a perfect look of your table you add styled buttons, text, and custom CSS. Also adding videos or images in pricing tables. Just select pricing table template and edit content. Pricing table builder provides template after editing you can publish on the website. Pricing Table by Supsystic easily download.

Feature of Pricing Table:

  • It’s Builder
  • Fully Responsive
  • Preset Templates
  • Custom CSS
  • Images, Videos, Icons, and Buttons
  • Animation Effect

Best WordPress Comparison Plugins

Pro version is also available and enhances their features:

  • Unlimited Rows and Columns
  • Description Column, Head and Footer Rows
  • Mobile Friendly                                
  • Text and Table Alignment
  • Images and Videos, Icons, Buttons
  • Text & Background Color and Font Settings
  • Badge for Columns                                                
  • Tables Import/Export                                
  • Pack of Premium Templates
  • Roles Restriction

Tech Beginer tries to provide greate information about Best WordPress Comparison Plugins. 


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